Subscription secrets: 7 Industry leaders reveal how they actually reduce churn

Hear from experts at FabFitFun, PupBox, SoundCloud & more.

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What’s in this guide:

  • Seven industry leaders, from cofounders to product and marketing professionals, unveil their secrets to get ahead of high churn rates and keep them away

  • Stories about how these experts leverage subscriber data, industry trends, and Recurly’s subscription management and recurring billing solutions to manage churn

In 2023, Recurly recovered $1.2B in revenue for its customers.

It’s no secret that every business deals with churn, and creating a comprehensive churn reduction strategy is always one of the biggest tasks. For recurring revenue businesses, this is a feat for the fittest and heavily impacts your bottom line. Acquiring new subscribers is already difficult, but retaining subscribers is another challenge in its own. The secret to keeping your business churn rates low and your recurring revenue running lies in the product and marketing industry experts who do this for a living. Brands like FabFitFun, BarkBox, Harvard Business Review, and more are leading the subscription industry for a reason, and it’s time to share these well-kept secrets with the rest of the subscription world.

In this book, you’ll find the insights you need to fight churn from people who know how to play the game. At Recurly, we have the privilege of working with some of the most powerful names in subscriptions. With more than 2,200 customers and 58 million active subscribers, we are constantly sharing knowledge with our partners to create the best subscription experience. And you get to benefit from the insights via our books and guides.

Discover tried-and-true churn mitigation secrets from business cofounders, product leads, marketing mavens, and more from leading subscription brands. From subscriber journey optimization tips to upping the ante on your testing philosophies, you’ll hear from big names such as: 

  • Katie Rosen Kitchens, Cofounder of FabFitFun

  • Nini Diana, Director of Consumer Marketing at Harvard Business Review

  • Ben Zvaifler, Founder of PupBox

  • Elizabeth Irvine, Vice President of Marketing at MarketMuse

And more. Whether you’re running a subscription business with a box of the month, digital content, or software as a service, this book has you covered. 

Want a sneak peek? Take a look at how FabFitFun creates the most memorable member journey and leverages Recurly to help.

Membership privileges at FabFitFun

At FabFitFun, “customers” and “subscribers” don’t exist–but “members” do. When the company is considering a new feature, they always ask, “What value will it bring to members?” This intense member-centric focus helps improve loyalty and endless engagement.

“We say membership versus subscription because that’s what we’ve evolved into. The box is really the premium piece of the membership, but we are continuing to layer on lots of different perks so that, even if you didn’t like all the products in your box, you’re still getting so much value from the overall membership.” - Katie Rosen Kitchens, Cofounder of FabFitFun

This is not to say FabFitFun does not deal with churn. The company uses Recurly’s Custom Retry Model to mitigate involuntary churn, but the solution for voluntary churn lies in FabFitFun’s omnichannel subscriber experience. First, they gather consumer insights—they have a whole team dedicated to this—from their members-only community. Second, they offer a variety of channels to engage with other members and the company—everything from the exclusive digital community to access to VIP flash sales and shoppable video content to bring the brand and products to life. 

On average, a typical Recurly customer sees a 15% decrease in involuntary churn one year after they started with Recurly. Approximately 2/3 of merchants consistently see a decrease year-over-year.

Reduce churn efficiently with these proven, expert tips. Don’t wait another second-download our book now.