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Recurly Joins Braze Alloys Partner Program

Recurly customers can now drive engagement throughout the subscription lifecycle to optimize subscriber acquisition, retention and lifetime value

SAN FRANCISCO - November 29, 2023 – Recurly, a leading subscription management and billing platform, today announced that it has joined the Braze Alloys program as an official technology partner. By joining Braze Alloys, Recurly becomes part of a curated ecosystem of best-in-breed technology and solutions partners capable of helping to integrate, customize, and amplify customer engagement capabilities. 

The program reimagines the Braze technology solution as a fully integrable customer engagement platform, creating a simple, scalable system for making it easier for Recurly customers to use Braze in concert with an ever-wider range of technologies and solutions to support meaningful brand experiences.

Recurly’s integration with Braze allows its customers to leverage subscriber and subscription data within Braze to craft real-time, hyper-personalized messages across numerous communication channels, including email, web and mobile. In addition, Recurly customers will be able to target specific subscriber segments, streamlining operations and providing a consistent cross-channel experience to enhance subscriber retention.

“We're thrilled to be able to offer a pre-built Braze integration,” says Jonas Flodh, Chief Product Officer at Recurly. “The ability to optimize engagement with subscribers will ensure every interaction is timely, relevant, and tailored to enhance the experience, optimize retention, and grow lifetime value.”

Braze is a customer engagement platform empowering brands to forge human connections with customers through technology and data. Braze strongly believes in the power of partners and ecosystems, and understands that in order to effectively connect with customers today, a fully integrable customer engagement platform is critical. The Braze Alloys Partner Program was launched in 2018 in an effort to help customers augment and deploy relevant, memorable experiences built on the Braze customer engagement platform. The program has since grown to include more than 140 technology partners, enabling brands to carry out real-time customer experiences with a faster time-to-delivery, as well as 1200+ solutions partners able to help customers conceptualize creative campaigns and integrate the Braze platform.

To learn more about Braze Alloys, visit Braze Partner page

About Recurly

Thousands of innovative companies across digital media, streaming, publishing, SaaS, education, consumer goods, and professional services industries rely on Recurly to unlock transformational growth using subscriptions. Recurly’s all-in-one, integrated platform removes the complexities of automating subscription billing at scale by enabling teams to manage and optimise their subscriber lifecycles with ease. Category-defining companies including Sling, Twitch, BarkBox, FabFitFun, Paramount, Lucid, and Sprout Social have chosen Recurly to manage billions of dollars in recurring revenues, future-proof their recurring billing and revenue management, and recover billions of dollars in lost revenue due to churn. Founded in 2009, Recurly is based in San Francisco, with offices in Boulder and London. For more information, visit Recurly.

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