Why Recurly for eLearning

Subscription-based online learning companies operate in a fast-growing, ever-evolving environment, especially in the last couple of years. Education is shifting to a remote model, challenging businesses to revamp their acquisition and retention strategies.

Companies like Course Hero rely on subscription management and recurring billing platforms like Recurly to accelerate growth–we focus on solving complex subscription and payment challenges, so you can focus on growing your student ecosystem and maximizing every dollar.

Reach your eLearning business potential with Recurly

Automate and streamline processes to meet your goals with eLearning subscription management. Drive acquisition with dynamic packaging and engage with learners through personalized promotions. Dig into analytics to uncover student trends, fuel strategic business decisions, and expand your revenue with machine-learning decline management technology.

Offer flexible subscription plans

Whether you’re launching or scaling your business, reach more customers with suitable offerings. Focus your value proposition on dynamic packaging for all levels and learning paths:

  • Enable freemium plans for subscribers to access standard content libraries

  • Architect your pricing to cover every recurring, event-specific, or hybrid billing scenario

  • Let students build their own plan with one-time purchases, donations, or even physical products

  • Engage with your subscribers through customized offers, discounts, promotions, loyalty programs, and gift subscriptions

  • Allow students to pause their membership instead of canceling to combat seasonal churn

Delivering value means accommodating your offerings to meet subscribers' needs, and when it comes to education, one size doesn’t fit all.

Target international learners

Leverage scalability tools to navigate global markets. Reach subscribers across borders and offer a customized service: Recurly integrates with 20+ payment gateways to charge in 140 different currencies, calculate and meet local tax compliance, and provide regional language support.

Reduce friction and combat fraud

Combating churn is crucial for any eLearning business to succeed. Recurly’s revenue optimization engine and fraud-detection tools help customers reduce their involuntary churn to 1%:

Prevent payment declines

Keep card information up-to-date with our account updater, and manage expired cards before renewals to avoid declines–this happens in the background without interrupting service for your subscribers.

Recover failed transactions

Personalize retries for failed transactions with Recurly’s intelligent retry solution, which uses machine learning to analyze billions of attributes and create statistical models for retries. This, combined with our dunning management tools, lets you recover each dollar potentially lost to churn.

Protect your business from fraud

We’re committed to supporting your business by providing the necessary tools to propel growth and safeguard your business from fraudulent accounts. We offer native Fraud Velocity Checks, plus a partnership with the leading fraud management platform, Kount, to fight fraud effectively.

Recurly’s customers see an average 13% monthly revenue lift. How much can you recover from failed transactions? Find out here.

Seamlessly automate your workflow

Eliminate manual processes for billing, payments, tax collection, and dunning. Leverage Recurly’s integrations to connect with your CRM, tax solution, fraud prevention, accounting software, and ERP for accurate reporting. Gather and analyze data on revenue recognition, subscriber lifecycle, plan performance, and payment preferences to strategically drive subscription growth.

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How Recurly can help

Raise the bar for eLearning subscription experiences. See what you can achieve with Recurly as your subscription management and recurring billing platform.

Your area

What Recurly can do

Marketing / Growth

Drive growth with the best-in-class solutions for eLearning subscription management:

Quickly experiment with different packaging and pricing options–enable one-time and recurring offerings to drive conversions.

Increase your revenue per user with effective acquisition and retention tools like coupons, discounts, and trials.

Offer localized currency and customized regional subscription plans to reach and grow your international user base.

Leverage Kount’s fraud mitigation technology helps flag fraudulent accounts and payments.

Use Recurly’s Subscriber Report to monitor your new, churned, returning, and total net subscribers and identify student growth trends.


Focus on delivering a differentiated subscription-based learning experience:

Reduce time-to-market and launch your product in weeks with our dev-friendly design.

Architect flexible packaging and trial options for your subscribers–easily handle upgrades, downgrades, add-ons, and cross-sales.

Let Recurly handle invoicing and tax collection regardless of billing model or geography.

Deliver a frictionless checkout experience and drive conversions with key payment gateway integrations like Braintree, Adyen, GoCardless, or Stipe.

Keep all your subscriber data in one place by easily integrating your CRM, ERP, and 3rd-party software with Recurly’s flexible API.

Customize cohort campaigns for past-due invoices and recover failed payments with our dunning management functionality.

Track your business’ growth and monitor churn with our Recovered Revenue and Monthly Recurring Revenue Reports.

Check out our Documentation and Development Hub to learn more.

Not just a platform, a partnership

Recurly has over ten years of experience driving subscription success for over 150 eLearning companies. Our compatible design helps you seamlessly automate your processes to focus on your product. Consult with our subscription and payment experts team to tailor the eLearning solution stack your business needs to acquire, engage and retain students through unique experiences.

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