State of subscriptions

Media & Entertaiment

The industry is normalizing post-significant pandemic growth, but there remains a strong consumer appetite for subscriptions in this sector. Since 2020, Digital Media & Entertainment (DME) has seen a 124% increase in subscribers, while Publishing has seen an even more significant increase of 536%.

The opportunity for expansion through new subscriber volumes has declined, and businesses are doubling down on boosting retention and engagement and minimizing churn to drive revenue and profit growth as acquisition costs rise. The cost of living is impacted, but equally, there’s been acceptance of price increases; this may become more of a challenge as inflation declines.

This report features extensive analysis by Atlas, a strategic growth consultancy founded by subscription industry leaders to provide market-leading strategies. Atlas makes the complex world of subscriptions simple by providing clarity; they help clients focus on the right areas to unlock long-term success and grow their recurring revenue streams.

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