Renato Mascardo Chief Technical Officer

Renato brings over 15 years of experience leading engineering organizations, with extensive experience taking to market enterprise software, cloud platforms, commerce and mobile products. He has been involved with startups throughout his career.

Prior to joining Recurly, Mascardo was the VP of Engineering at Rosetta Stone where he was responsible for their engineering, QA and PMO organizations—building and sustaining all revenue generating products for the business including new centers of excellence around mobile, platform and tools development. Prior to that, he spent a number of years in gaming, most notably as the SVP of Engineering & CTO at iconic game maker pioneer Atari where he was responsible for all technical aspects of the business including game technologies, central services, and IT infrastructure. Prior to Renato’s time in gaming, he spent a number of years building enterprise and software platforms for DigitalGlove, Hewlett-Packard, Mercury Interactive, Borland Software and Scient. Renato holds a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of Richmond in Richmond, VA.

Outside of the office Renato enjoys spending time with his two children, getting in shape doing crossfit, and dreaming of cheese on a paleo diet.


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