Jenna Wyer Vice President, Business Development

Jenna has been in the e-commerce and mobile payments space for almost a decade. Born and raised in Chicago, her first experience in payments was as employee number three, and founding VP of Sales at Braintree.

While at Braintree she was responsible for acquiring their largest merchants including Uber, Airbnb, and HotelTonight. Her time in payments also includes being the Chief Sales Officer at Lemon Wallet, and Head of Mobile Business Development at Lifelock. During her time in payments she's consulted and helped the fastest growing mobile apps and e-commerce websites with their payments strategy.

She lives in hot and sunny Scottsdale, AZ with her three children ranging from 20 years old to 20 months old and her husband of 20 years.

Jenna was trained in Classical Voice and Opera and enjoys the arts. In her free time she finds solace in writing, and is currently working on a memoir. Jenna graduated from the University of Illinois with Honors in Media Communications.