Recurly was born from the changing needs of web services. With the industry's movement away from ad-based revenue models to Freemium and SaaS subscription models, the need for subscription billing has exploded. We've had experience with some of the larger swiss-army-knife billing systems as well as building systems from scratch. Neither option was close to ideal. Both take an incredibly long time to set up correctly and more time to maintain. Both weigh heaving on engineering resources that could be better spent on building features. The exiting billing solutions also and an extra sting to the time needed to integrate billing- they were prohibitively expensive.

With so many startups wrestling with the challenge of subscription billing, we felt it was time to offer some help. This is why we created Recurly.

As fellow developers ourselves, we're looking forward to helping get you up and running quickly, and taking the pain out of subscriptions. Let us show you how. Thanks and we're looking forward to what the future holds!