Today we're announcing the availability of our Add-On for Heroku users. This Add-On makes it simple for Ruby developers who are using Heroku to install the Recurly Ruby gem and offer subscription billing for their Heroku hosted applications. Heroku's Add-On catalog is HERE.

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Once you have installed the Recurly Add-On in your Heroku application, you will will have single sign-on access to your Recurly account, and will receive your Recurly fees bundled as an added line item to your Heroku invoice. This makes it easy to provision subscription billing without cluttering your desk with multiple invoices and account credentials. You will still log-in to Recurly to set up your subscription plans, manage your accounts and make any necessary changes.

The Recurly Add-On is currently in the Heroku beta process, which means it is first made available to private beta users, then open for public beta, and after having been reviewed by a number of beta testers, it will become a permanent Heroku Add-On available for everyone.

FOR ACCESS: You can join the Heroku beta program.

We've already received very positive feedback from early testers, and look forward to receiving more feedback from the rest of you.

Get those subscription-based applications rocking!


The Recurly Team