We’re pleased to announce that Recurly now supports optional ‘Add-On’ items to be added to any subscription plan. Add-Ons offer a tremendous amount of versatility to your subscription offers because they provide user-level customization resulting in better customer choice. We all know how customers love to choose from a variety of options! Add-Ons also provide a nice opportunity to upsell related services with your subscriptions.

We took great care to deliver a simple and intuitive solution that offers our customers the greatest amount of versatility in designing and delivering Add-Ons.

If you open your existing subscription plans, and go to EDIT any plan, you'll see the new Add-On capability.

Add-Ons screen

Once you’ve created your Add-Ons, they will appear automatically in your Hosted Payment Pages. As users select an Add-On or change their quantity, the math immediately updates.

Wine Club order

You have control over you want your Add-On quantities to be editable by your customers or not.

INVOICES: Your customer invoices will also itemize the each customer's Add-On details. Each Add-On is broken out as a separate line item for absolute clarity.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and hope that this new feature adds to your business’ success. Please send feedback to support@recurly.com


The Recurly Team