We periodically run promotional offers to help encourage our customers to sign up and take advantage of a special pricing. Our 'Startup Offer' has been running for several months, and we just announced via an email that it will be coming to a close in two weeks, on April 4th, 2011.

As always, Recurly 'grandfathers' any merchants that have signed up under the terms of this pricing plan.

HOW DO I TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS PRICING PLAN? We will honor this plan for any company that is in live production with their Recurly account by Monday, April 4th. This means that you will have to subscribe to Recurly before this date in order to be grandfathered. We will automatically place all merchants who are processing less than 200 transactions per month under the terms of this Startup Offer pricing plan.

We value the hundreds of live customers that are currently using the Recurly service, and remain committed to providing the highest standard of security, reliability, support and valuable features that we are known for. However, all 'Offers' come to an end, and there will be other offers posted in the future.

If this 'Startup Offer' is attractive for your business, then "giddy up!"...you've got two weeks to take advantage of the terms of this promotional pricing offer.


The Recurly Team