Article contributed by Mary Rosberg, Recurly's new Sr. Customer Success Manager.

“The sexiest thing in the entire world is being really smart. And being thoughtful. And being generous. Everything else is crap!”

While Ashton Kucher isn't my favorite actor, I do love the above quote, delivered at high intensity to a slight confused but enthusiastic audience at last month’s Teen Choice Awards. Ashton Kutcher has undeniably emerged as a successful tech clearly he has a keen eye for what works in business as well.

It sums up why my Customer Success role at Recurly is the sexiest yet.

I’ve been at Recurly for 2 months now, and want to share what I’ve learned so far.

Really Smart: So much to learn-- which I find exciting and thrilling! The team works hard to make Recurly smart in every way. For example, as a consumer, I think of my credit card being declined as a rare, inexplicable snafu-- a single incident, a simple cause. From the inside, I'm learning that there are dozens and dozens of credit card error possibilities. The team designed Recurly to intelligently read the various kinds of error declines, to take corrective action on customers’ behalf.

Thoughtful: As I learn how customers use Recurly, I am struck by the variety of scenarios that are possible. It's making me think through how companies create different offerings for their customers, and put them at different price points, with different add-ons, different coupons… all different ways to make transacting as frictionless as possible, so it becomes the smallest part of the story they create with their customers. The team here continues to design thoughtfully, making Recurly with the most flexibility and customization possible, through the API and recurly.js My latest challenge is making sure customers know about various features, like one-time charges, promotional coupons, etc.

Generous: The team here has been so generous with their time and knowledge, both with me and with customers. I also believe being generous is about listening well, and showing appreciation. Our customer support team provides blazing fast response, and looks to listen to a customer’s issue fully before tacking solutions.

What about you? Is your role your sexiest yet? Tell me how!