Today, we're proud to announce that Recurly raised $6 Million in a Series A round of investment to grow our company well into the future.

We'd like to thank our new investors from BV Capital for sharing our enthusiasm for our business. In addition to BV Capital, our existing investors: Polaris Venture Partners, Harrison Metal Capital and FreeStyle Capital all joined in to help us continue in building a great company. We're fortunate to have such great people involved with Recurly. In addition to our first-class investors, we have amazing employees, and so it follows that we tend to attract amazing customers as well.

Thank you, all.

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We're hiring exceptional people!

Especially engineers

We plan to aggressively build out our team to keep up with our appetite to satisfy our growing list of customers. We also don't plan to rest on our laurels, and have an exciting roadmap ahead, so help us put the word out to the Ruby, Node.js and Javascript engineering community.

We've got a tight team of talented engineers, and we're looking to expand. Our office is big and we've got room to grow, so take a look at our JOBS page and see if there is something that suits you or somebody you know.

Stay posted. We're planning a party to celebrate, and you're invited.


The Recurly Team.