We’ve heard from a number of our merchants that they’d like more visibility not only into what we have been working on at Recurly, but into what features have recently rolled out. We’ll use our blog to regularly update you on the larger features that become available to our merchants. You can always follow our changelog for more real time access to this information, but these articles will give you a little more insight into the how and why of what we’ve built.

So what's new at Recurly?

Second Data Center

The last quarter of 2012 and early 2013 was spent working on our redundancy and fault isolation. We now have a second datacenter in a separate geographic region that has real-time access to every piece of information that Recurly has for your business. We’ve utilized Amazon’s cloud services for backing up non critical data. In addition to all of this, we’re going live with a fault isolated environment. This means that not only is your data backed up across the country, but should a catastrophic event ever occur, your risk of impact is significantly reduced.

PayPal in Recurly.js

You can read more about this feature here on our blog. We’ve had a number of very excited merchants get up and running quickly with this Recurly.js update. We’ve also gotten some great features for future improvements for both our PayPal integration as well as Recurly.js. This feedback has been integrated into our roadmap and you’ll see some great updates in the coming weeks.

New Subscription Flow

Last week we launched a new flow for adding a subscription in the app. This new flow applies an advanced progressive disclosure technique from our UX team, designed to simplify this process. We’d love to hear how it’s working for your team. Send us your thoughts at support@recurly.com.

Account Level Address

We have merchants selling everything from marketing software to video content to socks. One thing we’ve heard from all of you is you need the ability to track more than just billing address, and now you can! Our account level address information lets you collect a non-billing address for your customers. Whether it’s for tax purposes, physical location purposes, or personal vs. business address, your business can choose how to use these extra address fields.

Manual Invoicing

This is a feature that needs no introduction. A few of you have been beta testing these features for us for quite some time. We’re in the process of putting a bow on these features and preparing to roll them out before the end of June. Keep an eye on our blog for a more exciting announcement around these.

Our team has doubled in size in the last year which means features will be coming out faster and more polished than ever before. We’re always looking for your input on what to build, so don’t be shy about reaching out to our support team or jumping on a call with our product team.


Not seeing these new features? You may be on an old Recurly Pricing Plan that doesn’t give you access to some of the areas we’re innovating in. Don’t be shy about contacting our sales team and we’ll discuss the best options to keep you up-to-date with the latest features from Recurly.