Back in March 2011, we launched Transparent Post to simplify PCI compliance for our merchants. Today, we are taking it to the next level with the release of Recurly.js. Recurly.js is our open-source Javascript library that gives you great looking credit card forms to securely create subscriptions, one-time transactions, and update billing information for your customers.

Recurly js logo

Dynamic Total Calculations and Fully Customizable CSS

The library performs client-side validation of cardholder data, immediate pricing calculations for add-ons and Value Added Tax (VAT), and coupon validation. Out of the box, the forms have a great looking design that can be easily embedded into your website. Or, you may customize the CSS to make the forms match your website.

In addition to looking great, the library handles transaction failures gracefully. Should a transaction be declined, the library automatically highlights the appropriate fields and displays proper error messages for your customers.

PCI Compliance

Recurly.js continues our tradition of simplifying PCI compliance for our merchants. After performing client-side validation on the cardholder data, the library securely submits the order details directly to Recurly. Because the sensitive cardholder data is never transmitted to your web servers, your PCI compliance scope is dramatically reduced. This allows you to host the credit card order forms on your website without the headaches of PCI compliance.

Learn More

Learn more about Recurly.js from our intro video and examplesdocumentation, or GitHub project.