Growing and maintaining customer relationships is core to the success of every business. Modern customer relationship management tools make it easy to communicate with your customers, build loyalty, and bolster their lifetime value. However, these tools are most useful when they give a clear and complete view of the customer.

Recurly for Salesforce does just that. It provides a 360-degree view of the customer, enabling customer support and sales teams to more effectively do their job and foster positive customer experiences. IT teams benefit as well from being able to access comprehensive information in a single tool. And this data, like any data in Recurly, is maintained under the highest levels of security and PCI compliance.

Customer Support: First and Frequent

As the initial and most frequent customer contact, customer support representatives need to have all relevant data about a customer ready at the click of a button. They need to be able to respond to customer requests, reference relevant data, and make quick decisions about how to address an issue.

Recurly’s Salesforce integration gives them the data that they need to accomplish these goals. With Recurly for Salesforce, subscription-based businesses can harness the combined power of these two critical tools to better support and manage their customers’ subscription experience. Whether a merchant calls in with a request to change billing information, update contact information, or upgrade or downgrade a subscription, a representative can make these changes without ever leaving Salesforce. And any updates will be automatically synced in Recurly.

Recurly for Salesforce lets support teams use Salesforce as the source of truth for customer information—it’s always kept up-to-date with information on every subscriber's invoices, payments, refunds, and more.

Sales: The Art of New Business and the Upsell

Sales professionals are constantly on the hunt for new business. Whether that means new subscriptions or upsell opportunities, their job is to find and close new deals. Recurly for Salesforce provides more comprehensive data and deeper insights to help sales reps identify opportunities for upsells, add-ons, and subscription upgrades.

Recurly for Salesforce also gives sales teams the ability to optimize revenue opportunities and measure success. Merchants can pull billing events into their Salesforce reporting and use this data to track and analyze customer events. The business insights this provides are much more valuable when the subscription information from Recurly is included.

For sales operations and sales productivity teams, in addition to providing a complete view of the customer, the integration tightens business processes and eliminates manual work.

Information Technology: Those Who Make It Work

In addition to Sales and Support, many IT teams use Salesforce and are often very well versed in the tool. As subscription billing and CRM processes are often accomplished using different solutions, Recurly for Salesforce enables a tighter integration of these processes and allows users to spend the majority of their time within a tool with which they are already familiar.

The integration also saves money—merchants don’t have to do manual data loads or build an in-house integration between Recurly and Salesforce. They’re able to minimize IT investment by not having logins to multiple systems for the same groups of users. Finally, the tight coupling of sales, support, and billing processes create efficiencies and further reduce costs.  

The integration is incredibly easy to configure—it takes less than 30 minutes to begin integrating data between Recurly and Salesforce. This rapid time-to-value enables users to get up and running quickly and get the information they need to get their jobs done. The integration is completely automated, ensures data accuracy, and provides robust reporting and error logging. It also allows merchants to use the roles and permissions that they have already built in Salesforce to manage their billing data.


Recurly for Salesforce helps merchants build a successful subscription-based business by ensuring a satisfied subscriber base. The integrated data enables the business to maximize each customer’s LTV by providing more tailored and informed customer service and support, which improves the customer experience.