A few months ago, we discussed the methodology behind the revenue that Recurly recovers for you each month.  We heard from many of you who enthusiastically wanted to learn more about this valuable behind-the-scenes feature. Starting today, you'll now see your Recovered Revenue right in your monthly invoice to see just how much money Recurly has helped you gain in the last month.

Recurly recovered revenue on invoice

For those not familiar, recovered revenue is our term for the additional income you gain when Recurly’s software increases your throughput on credit card transactions. Recurly recovers revenue by applying several decline prevention features:

  • updating card information

  • fixing expiration dates

  • retrying failed charges

The revenue recovery benefits of Recurly software result in a strategic advantage: revenue continuity.  Understanding how much you're recapturing from expired, declined, and replaced cards allows you to have a better understanding for the growth in your business.  Learn about the results from merchants.