Recurly now provides full support for promotions using coupons and discounts. Our simple interface supports percentage and dollar amount discounts on either a recurring or one-time basis, giving your business the flexibility to support multiple promotional scenarios.

After speaking with our customers, we also included other features into our Coupon and Discount implementation:

  • Specify coupon codes and expiration dates - Recurly manages validations and expiration on your behalf.

  • Define the duration of your offer. (i.e. First three months, Once, or Forever)

  • Specify the maximum number of redemptions or date of expiration. (i.e. "First 100 sign-ups", "June 10th, 2012")

  • Line item coupon discount on invoices

  • Coupon code field on hosted payments pages

  • Selectively apply coupons to individual subscription plans

Coupon interface

The new Recurly coupons code feature makes it easy to test price points and reward your customers with special deals and promotions. For more detailed documentation, visit We look forward to your feedback about this release!