When creating a subscription, Recurly will default to starting that subscription immediately. Sometimes you want to have the option to give a particular customer a different trial length, a future start date, or charge them a prorated fee for the remainder of the period and have them renew on a certain date (ex. all renewals are on the first of the month). Recurly.js has you covered for all three of those scenarios.

You will need to sign one of three variables in your signature:

  1. starts_at - If set, the subscription will begin in the future on this date. The subscription will apply the setup fee and trial period, unless the plan has no trial. The date must be in the future.

  2. trial_ends_at - If set, overrides the default trial behavior for the subscription. The date must be in the future.

  3. first_renewal_date - Indicates a date at which the first renewal should occur. Subsequent renewals will be offset from this date. The first invoice will be prorated appropriately so that the customer only pays for the portion of the first billing period for which the subscription applies. The date must be in the future.

Code Samples

PHP samples

Code samples for Renewal Dates Recurly takes pride in providing world class support so if you have any questions about Recurly.js renewal dates, please Contact Recurly Support.