At Recurly, we’re constantly making updates to our product to give you new features and an improved Recurly experience. With these new improvements come changes to our Terms of Service, effective April 9, 2014. This new policy allows Recurly to better accommodate new features and services by allowing third party partnerships to offer you more services in your Recurly account, such as tax support (Sales Tax, VAT, GST) and Account Updater functionality.

A Terms of Service policy is never easy to read, so we’ve summarized it here for you.

What Changed?

  1. We've added a Third Party Products section explaining that services provided by a third party product may not fall under Recurly's responsibility.

  2. We've provided additional clarification of how fees are calculated against your gross billings. This does not change your pricing.

  3. Recurly will no longer require your explicit acceptance to changes in the terms of service; however, we'll always notify you of changes.

To accept these new Terms of Service, please login to your Recurly account and click the “Accept Terms” button when presented with the new policy. You will need to have administrator privileges in order to review and accept the new terms, but only one user from your account will be required to accept the new policy on behalf of your company. If someone on your team has already accepted the new terms but you’d like to review them anyway, they can always be accessed in the Legal section of the Recurly website.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at