Today, Recurly is happy to announce a new partnership with Worldpay—an additional payment gateway that you may use to process payments in the U.S. and internationally. The addition of this gateway gives Recurly merchants greater choice in how they process payments for international transactions.

Merchants new to subscription billing can choose amongst more than a dozen gateways that Recurly supports to find the one that offers the best services for their particular needs. Merchants who already have a relationship with Worldpay can continue to use this gateway when they select Recurly as their billing solution provider. And existing customers expanding into new countries have the option of an additional gateway serving those countries.

Choosing a gateway that lets you accept local currencies can improve conversion rates as well as decrease credit card decline rates by 5-10%, according to our data. This can be a first step toward a more full-fledged presence in a given country and thus increased revenue opportunities.

The breadth of coverage offered by Worldpay is one of the major reasons why it has such an impressive market share and is popular amongst our merchants. Worldpay lets merchants accept currencies in the U.S. and Europe, as well as South Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. As well, Worldpay offers domestic acquiring services in these locations, letting merchants accept payments locally. In particular, establishing local acquiring services in India is difficult, and few other gateways are able to offer these services in this country.

To learn more about the gateways and countries we support, check out our Payment Gateways page.

Blog reposted on November 19, 2015 to reflect updated information.