As a .NET developer, I am excited to announce that Recurly now has a C#.NET client library well under way! We polled our customer base and found a large number of our customers are powering their websites with ASP.Net, but they don't have many options today when it comes to simplifying their subscription billing.

Our REST API is pretty easy to consume, yet without an open-source .NET client library to start with, we found that our clients' integration times took an extra day of effort. So we started our own.

This lightweight library uses fast-forward only XmlTextWriters and XmlTextReaders along with Stream readers and writers so you can be assured it's fast. It also works great in .NET 2.0 and above. And finally, it is strongly typed and boasts a wide range of explicit exceptions to help you handle errors. The library is about 85% completed today and will be finished very soon.

So if you're looking for a simple to use, subscription billing service to power your ASP.Net websites, check out Recurly and our open-sourced C# library.