If your company is currently feeling the pain of your current billing infrastructure feeling more like a 'problem' than a 'solution', then you need to attend:

'Subscription Billing - Primer and Pitfalls'.

Cambridge, Boston: Wednesday, 2/16 at 7p.m. RSVP HERE New York City: Thursday, 2/17 7p.m. RSVP HERE

Polaris Venture Partners + DogPatch Labs (in both NYC and BOS) will be hosting Recurly for an informational presentation about the most common mistakes made by companies when building 'homegrown' billing infrastructure. Not only is it very rare for any technical team to get billing infrastructure right the first time, it also requires constant attention to improve upon a system that delivers basic functionality.

Isaac Hall, CEO of Recurly will be speaking on topics that will be of interest to both existing companies - with current subscriptions in need of optimization for errors/declines/renewals - as well as early stage companies in planning mode. Much of the information covered will be the result of Isaac's many years of building e-commerce and telecom billing systems. You cannot readily find this kind of information in books or manuals because recurring billing requires a coordinated understanding of the many participants in the lifecycle of a payment.

Our event at DogPatch Labs in San Francisco was attended at full capacity, and the feedback and reviews of the content covered were very positive:

"Very useful content...for anyone who has to deal with payments and subscriptions at their startup." -Paul Kim, VP - Automattic (Wordpress)

We hope that you'll be able to join us (in Cambridge, Boston, or NYC). We're looking forward to meeting with everyone and sharing some good billing knowledge.


The Recurly Team


Subscription Billing Primer and Pitfalls by Isaac Hall banner


Subscription Billing Primer and Pitfalls by Isaac Hall banner