Recurly is excited to power even more of your daily billing activities. Introducing our invoicing feature.

Until now, Recurly has focused on collecting payments primarily through credit card and PayPal transactions. Today we are excited to offer you tools to send traditional invoices to your customers, empowering you to customize your collection method to your customer’s needs and manage all your billing activities in one place.

Here’s how it works

As you set up customer subscriptions, you can now choose between two collection methods:

  • Automatic (billing info on file)

  • Manual (send invoice)

Invoicing settings screen

Once your manual invoice has been generated, use new custom email templates to send your customers their invoice details. Should you prefer to print your invoices and mail them to customers, Recurly will now also store your customer’s physical address – helping you centralize your billing process.

Recurly invoice header

Dunning management is just as important for invoicing as it is for credit card payments to help ensure successful payment transactions. A new set of dunning rules can now be customized for invoiced customers. Managed separately from your credit card dunning rules, this new dunning sequence will kick off after an invoice has exceeded its net terms + 1 day.

Dunning settings screen

Payments made online are managed from your account details page. Both full and partial payments made offline (cash, check, other) can be recorded in Recurly as you receive them and are also easily managed through this same account page.

Getting started

If your organization is interested in activating our new invoicing feature, please contact us directly. For a limited time only, invoicing will be available to existing Recurly customers at a significant discount.