Recurly's merchants are located on four different continents, and our merchants' customers cover the globe. So we're excited to announce our internationalized hosted payment pages. Our hosted pages are now available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, and Portuguese -- a total of 10 languages. Within the application itself, we've also internationalized the formatting of our dates and currencies to match your language.

World map in blue

Next week, our payment error messages will be fully translated as well. In the near future, these translated error messages will be exposed via the API so you can fully internationalize your implementation of Recurly.

At Recurly, we love data. Using Google Analytics, we noticed the average English speaker is able to complete the hosted payment page in under 2 minutes. Other languages averaged 5-10 minutes and some Asian languages took even longer. Already, the time required to complete the payment page is dropping quickly.


If you're a ruby developer looking to internationalize your own application, I highly recommend taking a look at Wordchuck. Wordchuck helped us submit all our language strings to professional translators for our supported languages. If you're on a budget, you can get started quickly by using their automatic Google Translate submissions.

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