We're excited to announce several new enhancements for our email templates based on all your feedback. First, we have a new default email template that packages the relevant information in much better presentation. Here's the new default New Subscription email:

Invoice with gray template

If you customized an existing email template and would like to reset back to the new default, click the "Edit Template" button while viewing the email template, then look for a big red "Reset Template" button at the bottom of the page. It is only displayed if you have saved changes to your existing email template.

Invoice Data

The set of template variables available for our email templates has expanded to allow you to embed invoice line items. Every New Subscription, Payment Receipt, and Declined Payment email has invoice data that can now be included in the body of your email. Please see our email customization documentation for more details about the variables. Our new default templates include this data.

Headers and Footers

Previously, all headers and footers were amended to every template. We heard that you may have a different header for one or two emails; the rest will use the same header. So, now you can explicitly include your own custom header if you like, or you can use Recurly's default header.

Disabling HTML Versions

By default, Recurly will send both the text and HTML versions for every email -- the subscriber's email client will render the HTML version if it can, otherwise it will use the text version. You can now disable the HTML version of an email template easily by unchecking a box. Just uncheck "Include HTML Version" in the email template Settings and you're done.

To find out more about our email templates, please visit our email customization documentation. Thanks again for all your feedback.