Asana makes a popular SaaS app used by business teams to more effectively track and manage work and projects. In 2012, the Asana team needed a robust solution to manage their subscription billing and payments functions. They chose the Recurly subscription management platform, and  built it into their financial operations, to power their growth in the enterprise SaaS category.

Fast forward to 2017. Asana’s accounting and finance department had a number of complex processes that they needed to scale—and needed to do so during a time of rapid growth within a corporate culture that placed a premium on team productivity and efficiency.

Asana also had complicated requirements for financial reporting and revenue recognition. Like many businesses, they were using spreadsheets which entailed significant and complicated manual processes and introduced the possibility of human error. They needed a better, more efficient and effective way to reduce this complexity.

“We think of our situation as ‘fast growth, mindful business,’” Asana Controller John Iparraguirre says. “As our paid customer base took off, we knew that when it came to scaling our burgeoning financial operations processes, we would need to choose and implement workflows and technologies that would grow with us.” Recurly’s integration with NetSuite was the solution.

Read more about how Recurly was able to significantly reduce the time it takes Asana to complete their monthly revenue recognition process, freeing the team to focus on other priorities that will enable the business to continue its fast-paced growth.

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