Recurly helps you communicate billing information to your customers by automatically emailing them when they sign up for a subscription, upgrade or downgrade, renew, or perform nearly a dozen different actions. We also BCC a copy to your company so you know exactly what we're sending your customers.

Some of our merchants really stumped us when they weren't getting a copy of these emails. After months of testing, we finally found the reason why these BCCs did not reach you: Google Mail does not send emails to groups when the group is on the BCC line. In other words, you can BCC an individual with Google Mail (or GMail) but you cannot BCC a group.

To ensure that you receive a copy of the email, we now default to CC'ing a copy of every customer email to your company email address. You can switch this to BCC on the email settings page if the BCC works for you. We chose the option that will work the most reliably for new clients getting started. Existing customers will not automatically switch to the CC.