All cash flow begins with the invoice, and today Recurly is making it easier to get paid by providing merchants with the ability to include custom notes in customer invoices.  

Whether it’s terms and conditions or customer notes, you have new flexibility to better communicate with customers. You can preview and edit your notes before creating the invoice.  

Merchants can now set site-level defaults for and customize on the fly:

  • Terms (set a net terms default for manual invoices)

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Customer Notes

  • VAT Reverse Charge Notes (available later this year for Recurly merchants using the European Union VAT feature for tax collection)


Terms configuration applies only to manual invoices. All other invoices are always due “On-Receipt”.  Default terms options for manual invoices are: On-Receipt, Net-10, Net-30, Net-60. Custom day lengths can be made at the time of invoice generation.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions is a notes section where you can add any necessary information, such as payment or contract terms, for example.  

Customer Notes

Whether you’re just saying “Thanks” or providing additional invoice details, the Customer Notes section is available for further customization.

Invoice notes screen

VAT Reverse Charge Notes (available later this year)

For merchants who conduct transactions with customers in the European Union, a new notes section will be coming soon called “VAT Reverse Charge Notes” and appears when a customer provides a valid VAT number and is located in a different country than your own.  The notes will be prefilled with a general statement that no VAT was applied to the invoice and the customer may be responsible for VAT. The new VAT Reverse Charge Notes will be released later this year as part of our new EU VAT feature.

To learn more about any of these new features, visit Invoice Settings.  And of course, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at