For those of you not living under your rotary phone (pics please!), you have probably noticed that more and more consumers are now conducting more transactions directly from their mobile devices. In fact, the latest data from Adyen notes that mobile now accounts for 28.7% of all online payments.  Another report from MEF found that 66% of mobile media users conducted some form of mobile transaction.

If you’re a merchant, figuring out how to leverage the fast-growing mobile trend for your business can be daunting and overwhelming.  We’re here to help!  Today Recurly is excited to announce the availability of our native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android.

Seamlessly Integrate with iOS and Android SDKs

With the new mobile SDKs, you can seamlessly integrate Recurly’s award-winning payments infrastructure to power your native iOS and Android transactions.  If you already use Recurly for your web experience, you can track your transactions, plan updates, and users all in one place via our SDK.  Best of all, our native SDKs are created with the same level of security and PCI compliance in mind, so you don’t have to worry about storing sensitive credit card information.

Get started quickly with our mobile web solution

If your business is more mobile web-centric, perhaps due to restrictions on Apple or Google’s In-App Purchase guidelines, don’t fret.  We have a solution for you too!  Our hosted payment pages are mobile-friendly and highly customizable, so you can quickly build your responsive website and know that the mobile checkout experience will be taken care of.

First things first. Check our mobile documentation to learn more about our native SDKs or our Hosted Payment Pages documentation to see which is the best solution for you. We are always excited to hear from our merchants, so please get in touch with us if you have any feedback or questions!