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Theresa Mcendree

Chief Marketing Officer, Recurly


As the Chief Marketing Officer of Recurly, Theresa leads the go-to-market strategy for demand and revenue creation. A customer champion and passionate brand storyteller, Theresa guides her team in setting the stage for all things Recurly - who we are, why we win, and how we stay at the forefront of subscription management and billing innovation. She is the driving force behind a team of innovative designers, marketers, and brand advocates who are all on an endeavor to tell the story of Recurly’s grand vision.

After 20 years in payments, Theresa left Blackhawk Network to join Recurly in January 2022, bringing with her an unmatchable set of accomplishments, including an impressive number of awards for media and demand innovation. There, she led the global marketing team to achieve 3x their pipeline, owning the industry share of voice and launching new products for consumers and customers alike.

Theresa holds a degree in Psychology from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband, daughter, and dog. When she’s not being Recurly’s fearless marketing maven, you can find her lounging at her hot pink beach bungalow or traveling, cooking, and crafting Play-Doh masterpieces.

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