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Rachel Quick

Senior Director of Customer Operations, Recurly


Senior Director of Customer Operations at Recurly.

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Sponsoring a Spark - The Story of a Recurly Intern

Recurly recently partnered with Tridistrict CAPS and their Business & Entrepreneurship program to support students interested in careers in the fields of business and entrepreneurship. This program is a collaboration of three southeast metro-area school districts in Minnesota including South St. Paul Public Schools, Inver Grove Heights Schools, and West St....

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Learn More About Mastercard’s New Requirements for Free Trial Conversions

Mastercard has recently released new requirements for free trial conversions. We believe this reflects a positive change in subscription commerce, where more customer transparency and ease of cancellation leads to better subscriber relationships and limits to chargebacks. Luckily, subscription businesses using Recurly are prepared for these Mastercard changes, with...

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How to Use Webhooks to Recover Customers

As noted in a previous blog post, there are different ways to get information out of Recurly, and each option has different pros and cons depending on the specific objective. Using the right tool for the task at hand ensures an efficient use of resources and an improved experience for...

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Minimizing the Impact of Declined Transactions

In today's blog post, we'll explore best practices to minimize the impact of declined transactions. We’ll also share tips for benchmarking and iterating on site configurations to improve transaction decline recovery and drive revenue. Benchmark For merchants concerned about their decline rates, the most important place to start is by...

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Benchmarking & Minimizing Credit Card Transaction Decline Rates

Many merchants are concerned about their transaction decline rates and want to ensure that the rates are within what is normal for their industry or segment. Their concerns can be amplified by seeing large blocks of declined transactions, multiple attempts to collect on a single invoice, and numerous customer updates...

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Analyzing and Increasing Recovered Revenue for Subscription Billing

In subscription billing, you get paid over time, not up front - so having a stable payment method is crucial. However, credit cards and debit cards, the leading payment methods for subscription billing, often suffer payment declines. Card declines cost you revenue and are a leading cause of customer churn....

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How to improve your dunning emails for subscription billing

Recurly software decreases involuntary churn by using credit card updates and automatic retries to recover revenue without intervention by merchants or customers. Recurly recovers an average of 7% of your customer revenue with automatic card updates and automatic retries. If these efforts don’t pay off, the software starts...

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Reduce Credit Card Declines with Automatic Retries and Dunning Techniques

For many merchants, the #1 feature of Recurly software is the ability to recover revenue and stop churn that would otherwise be lost to credit card declines. As I described in my previous post, Recurly software updates the card information that’s sent into the processor, in ways that prevent...

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All About Dunning

Tired of chasing down customers for failed payments? Have spreadsheets tracking declines and email communications and promises to pay? Take advantage of Recurly's dunning management to save time, worry, and money! Dunning (or Delinquent User Notification) is a period of time in which a user's payment has failed and both...

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Pro Tip: Navigate Between Multiple Recurly Sites

Whether you have multiple products using Recurly, or have a production, sandbox, developer, and QA site, Recurly makes it simple to navigate between each site with just one set of credentials. To access a Recurly site from a specific account, just follow these steps:...

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Pro Tip: Pause Subscription Billing

From time to time your customers may ask that their subscription billing be paused while they go on vacation, use up their current product, or just want to hold off on receiving their next service. Luckily, Recurly makes it easy to do this! To...

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Pro-Tip: Set Your Time Zone

Your Recurly account can be set to display all dates in your local time zone, but there may be times you want to change this configuration. For example, some merchants like to work in UTC when comparing data with their local systems (Please note that push notifications will always display...

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Pro Tip: Accept PayPal Payments

Merchants today can use PayPal as a payment gateway, collecting credit card payments from their customers. But did you know that using Recurly.js or the Recurly Hosted Payment Pages, you can also allow your customers to checkout using PayPal? To process PayPal payments, please...

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What’s the difference between void transactions and refunds?

In the dynamic world of subscriptions, managing payments effectively is key to customer satisfaction and financial success. Two terms that often come into play are void transactions and refunds. A void payment is a cancellation of an authorized but not settled payment, typically used for correcting mistakes or for canceling...

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Pro Tip: Provide a Partial Refund

Refunding transactions is easy with Recurly, but did you know a transaction can also be partially refunded? This is great for circumstances where a user has partially used up service, but needs a refund for time remaining. To issue a partial refund, a transaction...

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New Feature: Activity Log

Tracking the activity of a customer's account is a critical feature for your customer support staff - and it's now available through your Recurly admin console! Inside your customer's account you'll now see an Activities view displaying the who, what, when, and why of all account activity (starting mid-December 2011)....

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Merchant Highlight - Pipedrive Inc

Push notifications are great alerts for Recurly changes. Whenever an account is modified your push notification listener will be notified and a quick API query can be used to verify the contents of a push notification for action. Many Recurly merchants use push notifications to de-provision accounts with declined payments,...

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