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Unlocking growth: The power of customer retention in subscriptions

Consumer purchasing power is directly affected by economic conditions, and this, in turn, influences how subscription services are perceived and valued. Grappling with the challenges of acquiring new subscribers and...

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Turning subscriber experiences into a competitive advantage in 2024

In a market where subscription services continue to gain popularity, offering personalized experiences can set your business apart from competitors–becoming a unique selling point that attracts and retains customers in...

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A year in review: 2023 Top subscription news

Hello, everyone! Mary Rosberg here. As Recurly’s Growth Evangelist, I come across the most interesting stories about subscriptions.  As we kick off 2024, I want to take a moment to...

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Consumers subscribe to health and wellness in 2024

71% of consumers use subscriptions to manage health and wellness goals Just in time for New Year’s resolutions, Recurly releases new consumer research showing the impact of subscriptions on the...

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How to innovate & elevate subscriber experiences

With subscription popularity soaring over the last few years, consumers increasingly demand a frictionless subscriber experience. If it isn’t optimized at every touchpoint, you increase the risk of losing new...

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How streamers win–and keep–customers

In a recent survey about the impacts of the pandemic and the overall sentiment of U.S. subscribers, Recurly found that 87% of respondents have a subscription to at least...

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DTC consumerism shift: What subscriptions need to do

The pandemic has paved the way for consumer re-evaluation, leading us to the direct-to-consumer (DTC) shift. Emerging consumer models continue to grow, bringing new consumer values, new buying behaviors, and...

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