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Kinzal Jalan is a writer at Recurly.

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Creator economy: How to own your audience through subscriptions

The creator economy is growing steeply, imposing stiff competition on the few well-known journalists and media companies that once enjoyed monopoly control. While promoting decentralized creation and distribution of content, the creator economy empowers individuals to leverage their skills and creativity, directly reach their audience, and encash their talent. As...

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Subscription fatigue: Why do customers churn in DTC?

Subscription offerings in the direct-to-customer (DTC) framework are steadily rising, enhancing customer experience and simultaneous merchant control. Merchants are turning bullish toward this business model as they’re empowered to eliminate intermediaries from their supply chain, disrupt traditional monopolies, and sell directly to their end consumers. Moreover, with subscriptions, there’s an...

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The meteoric rise of mobile app subscriptions

With the deep-rooted penetration of smartphones and the Internet into mainstream life, the marketplace for goods and services has pivoted sharply over the last few years. Moreover, with the pandemic impacting the world in unprecedented ways, standard industry purchasing trends have further undergone a steeper pace of change. Unsurprisingly,

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