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Erika Griffith

Product Manager, Recurly


Product Manager at Recurly.

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Recurly's Item Catalog Now Provides More Flexibility When Structuring Subscription Offerings

Since we introduced the Recurly Item Catalog feature earlier this year, merchants have enjoyed the ability to manage, track, and analyze all the items they have for sale in a single place.  We quickly realized that we could provide an even easier and more efficient way to sell the products or...

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Sell Items in Recurring Subscriptions With the Recurly Item Catalog

Following our Q1 release of the Recurly Item Catalog for easier management of your product and service offerings, we’re thrilled to announce the latest enhancement to our catalog functionality. You can now sell items as recurring charges on Recurly plans and subscriptions in addition to selling items as one-time charges. We...

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Improved Efficiency and Analytics With Recurly’s Item Catalog

As noted in a previous post, the subscription e-commerce business is booming. This segment has grown by more than 100% per year over the past five years, according to McKinsey, and research from Shopify suggests that global e-commerce sales will hit $4.8T by 2021. Capturing and managing your e-commerce offerings...

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Event Recap: SUBTA’s Recur Conference

Last week, the Subscription Trade Association (SUBTA) hosted several hundred attendees in downtown Chicago for their annual Recur Conference. Recur brings together new Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) subscription businesses, industry veterans, and subscription vendors for three days of learning and networking. With nods to all six segments of the subscription industry, the event...

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