Billing Models

A successful subscription business begins with pricing and packaging

More Opportunity and Choice for Your Business

Satisfy customers and build loyalty by delivering plans that better align the value of your products and services with the way customers want to pay.

Fixed Recurring Model

Best for companies that provide a product for a single price and charge on a recurring basis, and typically charged at the beginning of the billing cycle.

  • Steady, continuous revenue
  • Low cost-of-entry for customers
  • Opportunity to market and upsell products and services
  • Streaming media
  • IoT
  • Education
  • Professional services
  • Box of the month

Music Streaming Service

$9.99per month

Unlimited streaming

Thousands of artists

No commercials


One-Time Charge Model

Best for companies that include one-time products as part of a subscription plan (e.g. setup fee or purchase of equipment required for a subscription).

  • Allows prospects to try the product or service before committing to a subscription
  • Ability to test demand for new products and services
  • E-commerce
  • IoT device purchase
  • Digital downloads

Smart Security Camera


Add video cloud storage
$10 per month

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Hybrid Model

Best for companies that sell a mix of recurring and non-recurring products and want to allow their customers to pay for them in a single purchase.

  • Streamline the customer's checkout experience
  • Easily combine Fixed Recurring and One-Time Charge models
  • Upsell additional products and services with a subscription to maximize revenue
  • E-commerce
  • Box of the month
  • Streaming media
  • IoT device purchase
  • Digital downloads
  • Education

Monthly Coffee Box

Order Summary

Subscription Monthly $19

French Press (1) $21

Total $40

Pay Now

Seat-Based Model

Best for companies that charge customers based on the number of users or seats.

  • Predictable costs that scale with the business
  • Transparent billing
  • Software services

Sales management software

$12per userper month

50 users

Monthly cost $600

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Usage-Based Model

Best for companies with a transactional business who want to enable customers to pay for only what they use.

  • Alignment of price with value leading to less churn
  • Current usage tracking to nurture upsell opportunities
  • Adaptable to market conditions and competition
  • Financial services and insurance
  • IoT
  • IT and cloud services
  • Software tools

Text Messaging Package

$0.02per message


$49 monthly fee

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Included with All Billing Models

Combine billing models to create customized bundles and pricing packages. All our billing models include:

  • Rich Marketing Tools

    Engage customers and build subscriber base with tools including trials, coupons, and optional products

  • Automatic & Limited Renewals

    Set and control the number of renewals for subscriptions

  • Customer Lifecycle Communications

    Keep customers informed of charges and changes related to their subscriptions

For more information, visit our Billing Models documentation

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