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The future subscriber experience


The future subscriber experience

What will the subscriber experience of the future look like? From personalization to AI, hear from Recurly's CEO and the CO-CEO of FabFitFun as they discuss the trends that will shape the future of the subscription industry and how brands can deliver a competitive subscriber experience.

Joe Rohrlich, CEO, Recurly

Michael Broukhim, Co-Founder and CEO, FabFitFun


Retention & loyalty: What’s working, what’s not

Forget hypotheticals; we’re bringing together a heavyweight group of industry executives to break down the ways they’re driving retention. Learn best practices around onboarding journeys, building subscriber relationships, and driving LTV (lifetime value).

Mary Rosberg, VP, Growth Evangelist, Recurly

Taylor Putnam, Principal Commercial Product Manager, Alaska Airlines

Emilie Harkin, SVP of Growth, The Guardian


Workshop: Identifying gaps in your subscriber lifecycle

Trial conversion, subscriber cohorts, waking the zombies, pricing at renewal–there is no shortage of complexities in managing subscriptions. But where are you losing out on revenue opportunities? Join the former CMO of TheStreet and Sports Illustrated for this hands-on virtual workshop. Register, and you’ll receive your own editable template to map out your subscriber’s journey.

Jill Marchisotto, Strategic Partner, Atlas


The “failed payments” playbook

Did you know that if you recover a failed payment, that subscriber will stay with you for another 141 days on average? This group of expert payment leaders will demystify the black hole of involuntary churn and provide actionable ways you can combat a leaky revenue bucket.

Melanie Stout, Head of Recurring Services, Optimized Payments

Jason Korosec, VP, Payments, Commerce, and Customer Care, Roku

Brian Zarlenga, VP Business Development, Output


Understanding churn: KPIs and reporting

Hear from Recurly’s VP of Business Intelligence, formerly the Head of Analytics at Sling TV and Naked Wines USA. He'll dive into setting churn KPIs, implementing must-have dashboards for monitoring churn within your company, and how to identify patterns.

Brian Geier, Business Intelligence, RECURLY

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