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As the retail industry for subscription box companies continues to expand and evolve, the competition for consumer attention is heating up!

To really stand out, you'll need to optimise your subscription offering—providing a seamless experience for subscribers throughout their exciting journey.

We're talking about hassle-free sign-ups, easy pauses and cancellations, customisable plans and offers that fit your business to a T. Further, gain flexible, secure and reliable payment methods, support for multiple currencies and languages to cater to a global audience with personalized communications that make your customers feel special—and so much more!

Recurly is the leading subscription management platform that empowers you to grow faster, smarter, and stronger, simplifying every aspect of your subscription business so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Grow faster–with an easy-to-use platform that gives you the flexibility to iterate, experiment, and adapt quickly. 

  • Grow smarter–with advanced analytics and machine learning to automate customer retention, growth, and revenue recovery. 

  • Grow stronger–with an experienced partner who can help you scale by anticipating and solving challenges.

Key features

Manage and scale your subscription box business with a flexible subscription management platform that simplifies the entire subscription lifecycle and adapts to your business changes.

Unboxing the right plans, pricing, and promotions

Turning free users into paid subscriptions takes the right offer at the right price—and easily offer discounts and promotions.

  • Quickly configure and launch new offers
  • Test and finetune optimal pricing models
  • Offer card-free trials to increase acquisition
  • Entice subscribers through discounted promotions
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Curate convenience for subscribers across web and mobile platforms

Drive growth faster with cohesive subscriber management, personalised communications, and strategic subscription and revenue insights.

  • Provide teams with a 360-degree view of subscribers
  • Easily allow subscribers to start, pause and cancel
  • Automate communications throughout the lifecycle
  • Gain decision-making insight into performance

Boost your reach with multiple payment options

Present a symphony of payment options including credit cards, Amazon Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SEPA, BACS, BECS, ACH, and more.

  • Reach subscribers worldwide through over 20 gateways
  • Maximize transaction approvals with a multi-payment gateway strategy
  • Allow customers to store a backup payment method
  • Get world-class fraud prevention capabilities

Reduce involuntary and voluntary customer churn

Maximize recurring revenue, minimize attrition, and boost customer value with industry-leading churn and revenue recovery tools.

  • Leverage intelligent retries to reduce declined transactions
  • Automatically update account billing data
  • Customize and configure dunning campaigns
  • Offer one-click pause functionality to retain subscribers
Recurly churn management

Expand into new markets with speed and ease

Scale globally with flexible tools that support your preferred pricing model, currency, language, communications, payment methods, and more.

Backed with world-class security and compliance

Scale confidently with industry-leading data, application, and network security and built-in adherence to global compliance mandates.

Supported by subscription and payments veterans

Scale expertly by tapping into Recurly’s extensive subscription, billing, and payments expertise with access to deep insights, benchmarks and best practices.

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Recurly gave us the flexibility to play with the plans and promotions. Having that built-in has helped us test and learn what combination of promotions, marketing channels, and term length equate to the highest LTV.

Ben Zvaifler— Founder and CEO

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