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Don't add complex technology to an already complex process. Choose a partner with the fastest implementation time and faster, higher ROI. A partner that makes adapting to changing customer habits a breeze and scales with you, accelerating subscriber and revenue growth. All-in-one, top-rated platform, Recurly has a 98%+ retention rate across every business size and industry. Industry-leading brands choose Recurly to drive subscriber growth, reduce churn, catapult revenue.

  • Ranked #1 for fastest implementation Mid-market Fall 2021 by G2

  • 12.3x ROI on average, 13% revenue lift

  • 2B+ recovered, 26% increase in revenue recovered YoY

  • 3% lower transactions costs, more gateway and currency support

  • 10x growth for hundreds of customers

Discover how we differ from Zuora and how an all-in-one, top-rated platform can reduce churn and catapult subscriber and revenue growth for you.

The most innovative companies choose Recurly.

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