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2,300+ leading brands use Recurly to accelerate subscriber growth.

Time magazine Fabfitfun Paramount Plus Kahoot! Sproutsocial Sling

Grow your subscription business with confidence.

Recurly processes 7x the volume of Chargebee. In other words, we’re ready to help you scale as much as you want.

Unlike some of our competitors, Recurly’s subscription management and billing platform is enterprise grade, and our experienced team is ready to share what we’ve learned from helping fast-growing brands manage over 50 million active subscribers every month.

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By unifying on a single subscription platform, we were able to become more efficient by creating a community of subject matter experts within the division.

Stephen Comstock — Chief Information Officer


Why do leading brands choose Recurly?

Confidently grow and scale

With a balanced mix of small business, mid-market, and enterprise customers, Recurly understands the needs of all business sizes. Over the years, we’ve earned the trust of notable brands like Paramount+, Twitch, Sling, TIME, SproutSocial, fabfitfun, and more.

Recurly and Chargebee reviewers company size table

Adapt with unmatched flexibility

Your company and business model is unique. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach with simple use cases, Recurly provides ample options for pricing, plans, payments, and more. Use our intuitive and reliable APIs for further customization to meet your needs.

Recurly vs. Chargebee flexible options table

Increase revenue with smarter churn management

With 50 million active monthly subscribers, Recurly processes significantly more data to power our machine-learning engine to decrease churn, increase lifetime value, and recover more revenue.

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One of the key reasons why we're able to get where we are is that we are very fast to react and also very flexible. Recurly plays a huge part in that.

Anton Jusufi — Director of Product Management


Everything you need to build, test, manage, and expand your subscription business—from acquisition to retention and growth.

Plans & pricing

With the most flexible pricing options to satisfy almost any plan type, Recurly allows you to easily set up and test new plan offers whenever you want.

Recurly vs. Chargebee plans and pricing models table

Payment gateways & methods

Expand and uncover new revenue locally and globally with an automated, secure, and error-free multi-payment strategy.

Recurly vs. Chargebee payments table

Subscription analytics

Get the insights and key metrics you need to make data-driven decisions–from churn and retention trends to plans and trials.

Recurly vs. Chargebee subscription analytics table

Numbers matter. Experience unmatched, proven scalability with Recurly.


average recovery rate of at-risk payments


monthly active average subscribers


revenue recovered
In 2021


annual transaction volume

After implementing Recurly, Output saw an astounding 45% decrease in card declines.

Brian Zarlenga — General Manager


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