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Make sure you’re getting all the revenue you deserve with Recurly’s sophisticated tools for managing subscription plans, promotions, churn, and fraud.

Decline and Churn Management

Minimize Declines to Maximize Revenue

Every subscription business encounters credit card declines. They increase churn, reduce your revenue, and can negatively impact your subscriber relationships.

The Recurly Revenue Optimization Engine utilizes machine learning to create a tailored process to repair failed credit and debit card transactions. This exclusive technology is the key to our decline management capabilities which can increase monthly revenue by an average of 12%.

This technology, combined with our Account Updater and Automated Dunning process, lets you focus on growing your subscriber base while we focus on maximizing your revenue.

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Plan Management

Create as Many Plans as You Need

Unleash new revenue possibilities by creating an unlimited number of subscription plans. You can build plans with terms of varying billing frequencies to support contracts, payment plans, subscription commitments, or other billing scenarios.

Give your customers the flexibility to purchase single or multiple subscription plans and combine them with one-time products or services. Recurly will consolidate everything into a single transaction, invoice, and customer confirmation email.

Handle Plan Changes With Ease

As your customers' preferences change and they upgrade or downgrade their plans and add or remove add-ons, Recurly automates these billing scenarios by handling proration of payments, creating easy-to-understand charge and credit invoices, and sending customer email confirmations.

Your customers can also pause their subscriptions instead of cancelling them should your product or service have seasonal or cyclical usage, and Recurly will handle all account updates to your system.

Coupons and Discounting

Flexible Tools to Attract and Engage Customers

Discounted price promotions and "special offers" provide flexibility to both attract new customers and engage existing ones. Recurly makes it easy to define and manage numerous promotional offers in a simple console interface so that you don’t spend time customizing your billing to sync with your marketing needs.

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Percentage & Total Dollar Discounts

Easily apply percentage discounts or take fixed dollar amounts off the price of a subscription.

Limit Total Redemptions

Limit your offers to a fixed number available, and automatically monitor the count until the promotional code is no longer valid.

One-Time, Fixed Period or Evergreen Offers

Easily apply promotions to a fixed number of billing periods (25% off for the first 6 months), or apply the discount throughout the duration of a subscription.

Multiple Coupons Per Account

Allow customers to redeem more than one active coupon on their account at a time.

Bulk Unique Coupons

Create thousands of unique codes so you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Restore and Edit Coupons

Flexibility to edit existing coupons and restore expired coupons to make them redeemable again.


Flexibility to Upsell Products and Services

Bring in additional revenue by upselling one-time products and services with your subscription plans. Let your customers purchase complementary one-offs when subscribing to your product or service.

Gift Subscriptions

Gain New Customers by Using the ‘Social Proof’ of Gift Subscriptions

Recurly Gift Subscriptions let your most engaged customers “share the love” by purchasing gift plans or gift cards for their friends and family. Gift Subscriptions are an extremely economical customer acquisition route and a great way to build a base of loyal subscribers who appreciate the ‘social proof’ provided by gift subscriptions.

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Customer Lifecycle Management

Automate Customer Communications

Automating customer communications ensures that your customers get the information they need to understand charges and changes related to their subscriptions. Recurly automatically notifies your users via system-generated emails sent on behalf of your business, ensuring fast, efficient transmission of key account information.

Recurly emails are highly customizable to reflect the 'voice' of your brand. They are also translated into many different languages and dialects, so you can communicate with your customers in their preferred language and deliver a pleasant customer experience.

Fraud Management

Protect Your Business and Your Profits

Recurly Fraud Management gives subscription businesses the power to automatically identify and address fraudulent transactions. Businesses safeguard their profit by minimizing chargebacks, and prevent card-not-present, account takeover, and account creation fraud.

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Trials and Setup Fees

Easily Configure Trial Periods & Setup Fees

Offering a free trial is a great way to give prospective customers a sample of your product or service before they commit to a paid subscription plan. Easily configure free trial programs including the length of the trial period, whether or not to require payment information up front, and free trial coupons for redemption on any plan.

Setup fees are also easily configurable in Recurly. If your business requires a setup fee, you simply indicate the amount required as you define each subscription plan.


Clear Communications to Keep Your Customers Happy

Effectively engage with your customers to convert free trial customers to paying customers. Recurly automates the communication process so that your customers are not surprised when they receive their first invoice, while you remain in full compliance with laws governing trial programs that lead to paid subscriptions.

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