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Safeguarding your business from cyber criminals requires constant vigilance. As technologies to prevent fraud evolve, so do the threats. Although online transactions can lead to new revenue opportunities for your business, they can also leave you vulnerable to online fraud and theft.

Chargebacks are the leading indicator of fraud, resulting in both costly fees and the loss of the product that was fraudulently obtained. If chargebacks are excessive, businesses can also see their credit card acceptance privileges suspended or terminated.

Global card losses will exceed

$35 billion by 2020.*

By 2018, card-not-present fraud is expected to be nearly

4x greater than
point-of-sale fraud.

Fraud­- and chargeback­-related expenses account for 13­-20% of merchants' operating budgets.

Benefits of Recurly Fraud Management

Recurly is the only subscription management platform on the market today that includes an integrated, comprehensive fraud prevention solution. By using Recurly Fraud Management, subscription businesses can:

Protect their business with the power of Kount, integrated with Recurly

Reduce the complexity of combating fraud with ‘set and forget’ configurations, automatically denying those transactions that meet the criteria set

Eliminate manual reviews, reducing operational and personnel costs

Safeguard profit by minimizing chargebacks and by preventing e-commerce fraud and unauthorized account creation

Accept more orders with confidence, knowing automated processes are at work to protect their business

Core Components of an Effective Fraud Management Solution

  • Easy to implement and easy to use
  • Addresses fraud across all channels
  • Uses customizable criteria to automatically decline suspicious transactions
  • Supports multiple gateways

* The Nilson Report   Javelin Research

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Safeguarding Your Profits With Fraud Management

Our fraud management tool detects, alerts, and minimizes fradulent transactions.

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